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MONKEY in 2020

MONKEY in 2020

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Three Auspicious Stars visit this lucky animal sin this 2020. An ally of the Rat, Monkey-born people will have smooth relationships coming from all directions this year. With good luck, the evil eye may lurk and will have envious energies thrown at you, so be careful with the people you deal with. The Romance and Travel Luck stars visit your sign this year.

2020 will be about new beginnings, changes, and development. You will want to start anew to improve yourself and your career. You will be optimistic and spontaneous, which will lead to better things in your work life. Be creative but know its limits. Ask your superiors when trying new things so it doesn't get negative when results are seen. Try to maintain a good relationship with everyone. Your hobbies will make you more money. Allot time for them.Your health will be stable. If you have any sickness, treat before it advances to the next stages. Diet and workout can help you fend off health issues.



Let yourself flourish, open the door, and welcome your lucky stars everyday in 2020 by wearing and using your annual main gemstones and helpful crystals.

It is essential that you wear the Victory Bracelet for your animal sign as it contains all the important gemstones that resonate with your sign - yes, you can use this bracelet for a long time. The Element Bracelet ascertains that you are protected from the year’s afflictions and showered with blessings by the year’s good stars. The Piyao is a very powerful Feng Shui symbol. 2020 is a metal year so the metaphysical properties of the metal element are doubled. Use the recommended main stones to manifest your intentions. The helpful stones will provide the luck boost and guide you through your low months.

Wear the Hamsa Brass Bangle to protect you from any negativity. Wear an Om silver pendant to benefit from the healing metaphysical properties of silver and the spiritual blessings of the symbol. Extra Prosperity Tip: Place (an additional) any of these Money Trees on the northwest decor of your house to increase wealth this year: Clear Quartz, Aventurine, Citrine, Multi-Gem Tree. You may also use the Orb versions of these specially in your work area or office desk.

Create your own path and take charge of your destiny. Recite your recommended affirmation daily and be ready to accept the gifts that the Universe will bring you. Use your Mala Beads to chant the powerful “Amitayus Longevity Mantra” (OM AHMARANI JIVAN TYE SOHA). This will strengthen your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies with the needed blessings and graces to get through any hurdle in 2020.