HORSE in 2020

HORSE in 2020

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Afflictions will haunt the Horse-born this year. The Illness Star, The Reducing Energy Star, and the Tai Sui are under your sign for 2020. All necessary steps will be needed to combat these afflictions. However, the Horse sign will also benefit from good success luck and is advised to pursue his/her dreams but with extra care.
Optimism and wit are your two greatest tools to be able to focus on the future successfully. Projects and opportunities will arrive but be warned of certain difficulties, too. Let your instincts lead you to which one you’ll grab or not. Passionate and exciting - that’s what love and relationship luck will give you! But be sure to tell your partner what you want. Be straight to the point. Work with your team and colleagues better and you will get your reward. Be conscious of your expenditures this year and if you have financial concerns, debts and investments - be sure to solve them first before getting into something bigger. Take care of your body, get enough sleep and exercise. Check your nutrition, you will need a lot of energy and the last thing you’d want would be your body slowing you down.



The year may be challenging, but there is nothing that a good set of gemstones and crystals can neutralize. Wear your main gemstones and helpful crystals habitually. Special attention should be given to the Ultimate Protection Bracelet and the Chakra Hamsa Bracelet to create a shield against the year’s negative afflictions.

The Victory Bracelet of your animal sign can be used this year and the following years as they contain all the powerful gemstones that your animal sign needs. Special attention must be given to your birth year’s element as well as it affects your luck as well. Wear the Element Bracelet for your birth year to receive the protection and blessings of the Piyao and the gemstones. 2020 is a metal year and the metal Piyao blends well with the element of the year. Use the recommended main stones to manifest your intentions. The helpful stones will provide the luck boost and guide you through your low months.

Wear the Lotus Brass bangle and Ganesh silver pendant to break obstacles, especially in your low months. Place an Aventurine Money Tree and a Citrine Orb in the most prominent part of your living room, bed room, or workspace. Place several Black Tourmaline stones in your living room, vehicles, bags and offices. Incorporate the Clear Quartz Gem Tree in your living areas to suppress negative energies. Raw Black Tourmaline and Black Tourmaline Orbs can help dissolve negativity that enters your home, room or office.

Once you have been accustomed to wearing your gemstones, amulets and talismans of protection, make it a habit to use your recommended personal affirmation. The Ganesh Mantra “OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA” is one of the most powerful mantras. Couple it with the Mala of the Sacred Seeds during meditation practice and you can reverse the effects of the year’s bad stars in your chart.