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DOG in 2020

DOG in 2020

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Prosperity Luck and good luck coming from the 24 Mountains will bless the Dog person this year. The Dog should never turn down opportunities for wealth acquisitions. Money will come easily as long as the Dog-born individual works and will actively seek where gold is. This is a good year for investments and business ventures. Be wary as you are prone to arguments this year.

Relationship issues in the previous year will mellow down. Things will be clear in the relationship aspect this year. You will be very fortunate in your career so long as you maintain a healthy relationship with your co-workers, whether superiors, colleagues or subordinates. Steady income stream from working more will give you sufficient cash to pay off debts and get you out of any financial trouble.


Your quest for prosperity will be easy if you use the right tools - your main stones and helpful crystals for 2020.

The Victory Bracelet of your animal sign can be used this year and the following years as they contain all the powerful gemstones that your animal sign needs. Special attention must be given to your birth year’s element as well as it affects your luck as well. Wear the Element Bracelet for your birth year to receive the protection and blessings of the Piyao and the gemstones. 2020 is a metal year and the metal Piyao blends well with the element of the year. Use the recommended main stones to manifest your intentions. The helpful stones will provide the luck boost and guide you through your low months. Enhance your relationship luck (not just for love, but your other relationships as well) by putting Rose Quartz gem trees, money trees, or orbs inside your living room, bedroom and office.

Wear the Lucky Coin Brass Bangle. Place a Citrine Orb near your work desk. Put Aventurine tumbled stones in your cash register, and drawers where you keep your financial records. Extra Prosperity Tip: Place (an additional) any of these Money Trees on the northwest decor of your house to increase wealth this year: Clear Quartz, Aventurine, Citrine, Multi-Gem Tree.

Your annual affirmation will help push you to take the necessary steps in achieving the life that you want. Use your mala to meditate and chant the “Yellow Dzambhala Wealth Mantra” (OM DZAMBHALA DJARIN DJAYA SOHA). Money, success, wealth, and rewards are waiting.