2019 Year of the Tiger

2019 Year of the Tiger

TIGER FORECAST FOR 2019 by The Mala Tree: “A good year to come to terms with people for good luck.”


On February 5, the Year of the Earth Pig will officially enter 2019. The stars will move and our destiny for the year will change. We must all take advantage of this positive shift in energies by subduing the unlucky stars in our chart and activating the auspicious positive energies through crystals. 

GENERAL OUTLOOK: The year of the Boar will provide the Tiger with all the help it needs. 2019 will shower you with awesome energy level that will make you strong.

RELATIONSHIP LUCK: It will take time this year before you meet your true love, if you are single. Social activities will increase though and people relationship is grand this year. There’s a high chance of meeting new friends and people whose interests are similar with you. Hang around with Horse people if you want to increase your luck in finding the one - especially in the months of May and June. If you are attached, invest romantic time in the relationship and make your partner your priority. Travel with your lover and do not come to social gatherings frequently alone. Tigers are not known to be good around people but the year will shower you with patience. Immediately make peace with people you will have conflicts with to avoid complications that will make you suffer.

WEALTH / CAREER LUCK: There’s a possibility that the Tiger will not experience its great career achievement in the near future. There won’t be any problem wealth-wise or career-wise though. The year will give the Tiger the wisdom to start working on future conquests though and the Tiger just knows what to do. Be wary of pressures and lack of focus though. You are advised not to change career or business this year though as it will take time to earn good reputation in your new environment. Wealth luck is low this year. Be careful about risking your money. Save, save, and save as much as you can. Boost your wealth luck.

HEALTH LUCK: Your health will be excellent this year! Watch out for gastrointestinal and digestive problems though. Sunshine will give you energy so spend time out there and engage in outdoor activities.

ADVICE: Since you are afflicted by the Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) of 2019, you need crystals and lots of earth energy to boost your positive energy and good fortune: Garnet, Picture Jasper, and Red Tiger’s Eye. In order for you to be safe from the affliction of the Tai Sui, make sure to protect yourself especially in low months by using Black Tourmaline, Garnet, Clear Quartz, and Botswana Agate. Be mindful of your time and schedules as the Boar might delay your plans. The Boar will nurture you year round though. There won’t be any major negative periods this year as the Boar will bring you lots of love and care. The luck of the year can be tapped by meditating with a mala and by being in close proximity to your helpful stones. Make sure to use your other recommended 2019 stones to serve as anti-illness talismans and to appease the Three Killings in your chart.


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