2019 Year of the Snake

2019 Year of the Snake

SNAKE FORECAST FOR 2019 by The Mala Tree: “A year that requires you to fight for what you want.”


On February 5, the Year of the Earth Pig will officially enter 2019. The stars will move and our destiny for the year will change. We must all take advantage of this positive shift in energies by subduing the unlucky stars in our chart and activating the auspicious positive energies through crystals. 

GENERAL OUTLOOK: There will be lots of stresses and pressures this year. The Snake will feel weak this year because he faces the Tai Sui and is afflicted by the #7 unfavorable star. The key is to attack things with patience. Life force and spirit essence are also not favorable this year. Keep your crystal cures with you at all times.

RELATIONSHIP LUCK: Love luck is blooming this year for single women and they will find it easy to find an ideal companion. Guys will need to exert more effort though. Snake and Pig have a fighting relationship and there will be lots of trust issues for people born under the Snake sign. Love luck is not harmonious this year. Hang out with Horse people during social events to neutralize disharmony. Females who are in a relationship have more solid love luck this year. Males, on the other hand, must invest more time with their partner and avoid conflicts. Married couples should focus more on respect and make sure that they function in responsibilities that they share such as housework, raising kids, etc. The Boar doesn’t give the Snake good social relationships and the Snake might be pressured in social chats. The key is not to argue or it can tarnish your reputation. You must be sensitive and know people’s backgrounds and beliefs first before expressing an opinion. Another option is for you to open your heart and learn to trust. Be careful about meeting people you don’t like and this can invite quarrelsome energies that might end up in a lawsuit that you will not win.

WEALTH / CAREER LUCK: A challenging year for career and business, but don’t worry as the Snake is bound to overcome the challenges. The Boar is still compassionate to the Snake and will still assist growth indirectly. Knowledge enrichment at work and business is essential, so grab every opportunity to boost your career or business in the future by attending training, workshops or seminars. Post-graduate studies are also encouraged for those who want to dream big. Promotions and new positions are possibilities but these will give you unexpected pressures. You may also consider delaying the starting point of the position. Wealth luck is low this year – you won’t lose money but nothing grand will happen either. The income will be steady. Manage your finances well, up to the last cent. Be conservative about your investments.

HEALTH LUCK: Don’t let the pressures at work consume you as it will make your health falter and make you easily susceptible to diseases. Always stay alert while driving to avoid accidents. Pay attention to your kidneys, bladder, and urinary system. You should also invite more fresh air into your life.

ADVICE: Protect yourself with these stones to lessen the effect of the Tai Sui afflictions: Red Carnelian, Hematite, and Sunstone. Make sure to hang out with Ox people as well. Fulfill your wealth wishes by using Red Tiger’s Eye, Moss Agate, and Tree Agate. Meditate and chant mantras and recite affirmations whenever you feel negative feelings. Boost your health and happy disposition through Red Jasper, Pietersite, and Amazonite. Increase the power of the mind through Hematite and strengthen vitality and inner strength through Fancy Jasper and your helpful stones. Light-colored stones can also help you cure the violent afflictions on your sign this year. Be careful when it comes to trusting people.


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