2019 Year of the Rooster

2019 Year of the Rooster

ROOSTER FORECAST FOR 2019 by The Mala Tree: “A year that requires you to pay attention to relationships so you may succeed.”


On February 5, the Year of the Earth Pig will officially enter 2019. The stars will move and our destiny for the year will change. We must all take advantage of this positive shift in energies by subduing the unlucky stars in our chart and activating the auspicious positive energies through crystals. 

GENERAL OUTLOOK: The Victory Star is in the Rooster’s Chart this year. Success is within reach, so take advantage of the blessings of the year by being productive in all aspects of your life.

RELATIONSHIP LUCK: People relationship is so-so, but there is room for improvement. Show a friendlier, more thoughtful, and more generous side of you to others. In order for you to have a more solid social network, you need to respect people’s culture and belief and patiently listen to opinions of others. Be careful of arguments and disputes and always consider amicable settlements. Avoid lawsuits at all cost because it will consume a lot of time and money. Relationship luck is all right. Single ladies will need more time to find true love and are advised to go for younger boyfriends. If you are in a relationship, it is helpful to learn and be concerned about your partner’s current interests and hobbies. You can inspire him or her with a positive attitude and joyful feelings. Married Roosters and their spouses need to highlight delight, devotion, and sweetness in their marriage. Single males will have a good chance to meet an ideal girlfriend. He should attend more social events though and must be energetically and sincerely be on the lookout – because he is bound to find her.

WEALTH / CAREER LUCK: There is good moneymaking opportunity for the Rooster in the cycle of the Boar. If the Rooster needs more income, intelligently express ideas and show talents to people. Rooster people should also carefully manage investments. Be quick in decisions for matters regarding your business. There will be loss of money if you will focus on doubt, uncertainty, sluggishness, and slow response. For those who are working, if a company offers you a new position, let this chance pass and wait for the next one, as it will be bigger. The career opportunity you deserve has not come yet. A better decision is to keep your current position and build and hone skills while at it so you are prepared for the bigger opportunity. Another option is to negotiate with your employer and postpone the promotion to a later time.

HEALTH LUCK: Better pay attention to your kidney, bladder, and urinary system. Always look for good quality fresh air, as this will benefit your health tremendously.

ADVICE: Life force and spirit are not strong this 2019 for the Rooster. Use clear quartz, Orange Aventurine, and Carnelian to address this. You can also boost your success luck by using Amazonite, Multicolor Tourmaline, and Jade. Invite success mentors and allies by using Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, and Pink Calcite. Troublemakers can make things worse for you so arm yourself with Black Tourmaline, Spinel, Aquamarine, and Blue Aventurine.


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