2019 Year of the Rabbit

2019 Year of the Rabbit

RABBIT FORECAST FOR 2019 by The Mala Tree: “An excellent year ahead.”


On February 5, the Year of the Earth Pig will officially enter 2019. The stars will move and our destiny for the year will change. We must all take advantage of this positive shift in energies by subduing the unlucky stars in our chart and activating the auspicious positive energies through crystals. 

GENERAL OUTLOOK: Rabbit will receive love and care from the Year of the Boar, but don’t be complacent as the Boar can also burden you. The presence of the Heavenly Star #6 will refresh and invigorate you, fortifying your life force energy.

RELATIONSHIP LUCK: If you have a partner, the year promises more time with your lover this year, as he/she will invest more moments with you this year. The relationship will be more harmonious, too. If you are married, your spouse will devote more time to your married life. Show more appreciation when you receive love, care, and concern. For single people, it will take a lot of time to find someone ideal. Invest in friends instead because these connections can help boost business potential and career development.

WEALTH / CAREER LUCK: The Rabbit needs to invest in time in order to make a major breakthrough wealth and career-wise. Seek advice from elders, mentors, parents, and seniors, as they will show you the map towards achievement. There will be problems at work or business, but the good news is that people will be helpful in solving them. Before changing jobs or business, consider the possible competitors before taking the plunge. Career luck is not promising as of the moment, but there will be highlights that can be helpful in the future. Wealth luck is also so-so. Prosperity can come, but you will need someone’s help. Money management advice is beneficial.

HEALTH LUCK: Pay attention to your bladder, kidneys, and your digestive system. But over all, your health will be on top shape this year. You need the sun though to charge your energy.

ADVICE: The boar brings you a more relaxed and leisurely year. Great achievement will come if you focus on self-improvement, self-awareness, and self-confidence. Get luckier and take advantage of 2019’s blessings to your sign with auspicious stones like Citrine, Yellow Calcite, Green and Orange Aventurine, and Pyrite. Let the god of heaven assist you by seeking good energies from your helpful stones. There is the possibility of conflict at the workplace so it is best to neutralize these by using Jade, Amazonite or Tree Agate. Wealth luck can also be increased using Calcite, Moss Agate, and Tree Agate.


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