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SESAME JASPER / KIWI JASPER (The Stone of Wholeness) is used for physical protection because it creates a barrier around the wearer to ward off negative energy and outside influences such as mental attacks. It is grounded, practical, and reliable. It also aids in the improvement of self-esteem. This gemstone promotes patience and empathy to the wearer, replenishes creativity, connects one with ancestral journeys; provides balance to stability; assists with emotionally charged energies; ventilates anger.

Sesame Jasper is known to heal emotional pain, stress, tension, and anxiety. It's also associated with creativity and wisdom. Sesame carves can be used for protection, grounding yourself in love, or healing others. More specifically it is considered an antidote for anger and rage by diffusing emotions of powerlessness while reminding one of his/her own strength. It is a stabilizing and nurturing stone that is helpful for those finding themselves adrift due to the harsh realities of living in modern society.