PINK OPAL Bracelet

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PINK OPAL (The Stone of Resolution / The Stone of Faithful Love) is is believed to awaken the heart and help bring good fortune in love and money. Pink Opal increases compassion and intuition, which makes it a particularly protective stone. It engenders gentleness of character, the harmony of mind and body and can dispel apathy while promoting mental activity. Pink Opal carries the cleansing power for heart chakra intentions such as unconditional love, hope, patience, and tolerance. It's said to help in the strengthening of creativity, abundance, love, and passion in your life.
Pink Opal has the ability to gently push away the past while encouraging the future. It aids in cultivating healthy habits which will lead to a better sense of self.  Pink Opal carries the properties of enhanced personal healing, raising vibrancy, and intelligence. Pink Opal can be used to help overcome new circumstances. It can also endow great vitality and stamina during times of stress or exhaustion.  Pink Opal instills a sense of love and attraction in those around it thus making it an ideal stone for relationships or creativity-enhancing endeavors.

Pink Opal is known to promote precision, creativity, intelligence and clarity in thought. With gentle warmth, it spreads an affectionate feeling through the mind and through the heart. It restores self-love and much appreciation for what you have accomplished in life. It also gives immense strength in accepting whatever has to be done without complaint or hesitation so that one's ever-developing intellect can prevail—and prevail it shall. As an omen of luck, Pink Opal carries immense good fortune mainly because of its hard resistance against negativity which brings about excellent protection from outside forces that could disrupt or injure your state of being.