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PHOSPHOSIDERITE (The Stone of Healing & Hope) works its magic upon first contact:  wear it and you will immediately feel calm and stress-free.  The stone’s action at the heart chakra and higher heart is quite obvious. This stone brings in a gentle calming love energy. It aids spirituality and assists with spiritual healing and awakening. A wonderful stone for meditation, it connects you to subtle aspects of 'self' like daydreaming or lucid recollections of distant memories. Phosphosiderite has a gentle, floating energy of expanded awareness. Its energy smoothes the auric field, on the outskirts, gently retrieving fragments of yourself, left in places long before. clearing your energy and bringing calmness with freshness and new energies. It opens and expands your mind with the aid of the third eye the bring in new awareness's new insights. It allows there to be a space in your mind that wasn't previously open. This stone helps with emotional healing, breaking emotional ties that bind you to others, specifically those that are not be in your best interests. Phosphosiderite protects from accidents. It also increases mental power and develop intellectual abilities. It resonates with almost all of the chakras.

Phosphosiderite is good in releasing stress, encouraging better sleep and the removal of negative energy. It can help with difficulties such as work/life balance, anger management, maintaining healthy boundaries, and managing social conflicts. It can help release mental and emotional trauma, help dissolve resentment and distrust, and assist in righting the wrongs that arise from such feelings. Phosphosiderite has been known to bring patience where it has been lacking before. It feels protective of relationships and brings pure love, nurturing, and security while helping reduce the stress associated with adverse changes having to do with relationships; even neighbors or other people in one's life.

It brings vitality, creativity, and confidence by releasing held-back emotions during meditation or just everyday stresses. Phosphosiderite is also said to bring about positive changes for couples, helping partners with communication and understanding. When used in the workplace it brings fairness, fairness of wages, and fair working conditions. Phosphosiderite is grounding, soothing, and stabilizing - making it an excellent stone for highly stressed people or those who suffer from anxiety disorders.