PERIDOT Bracelet 7mm

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40.00 Grams
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This is made from authentic and natural Peridot . This should not be confused with a stone marketed as "Peridot Quartz."
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Product Overview

PERIDOT (The Stone of Happiness / The Stone of Positive Change) is associated with luck, success, and joy.  Wear Peridot to feel its soothing effect.  Peridot brings life-changing events gently into your awareness so that you are able to process them more easily. The greenish-yellow color of peridots signify vitality and future promise, bringing to mind feelings that are calming, refreshing yet warmly comforting at one time. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone needing self awareness or rehabilitation after loss, giving hope for growth through change. Its healing energy will help the wearer to be more willing to shed outmoded patterns in their life.

In metaphysical healing, the peridot is a stone known as a protector and healer. It brings its wearer clarity to the heart, love and compassion for oneself and others, relief from worry or anxiety. It also can be used to reduce anger. Peridot is associated with welcoming new beginnings, promoting community, intellectual exploration and creativity. It can help combat feelings of insecurity, anger and depression. Known for blocking excess negativity. Opens the mind to new ideas and assists with emotional restructuring at the level of thought patterns that can lead to strengthened coping skills if used during times of emotional crisis. Associated with endurance, Peridot sustains one's energy through any challenges while continually seeking out new opportunities while still managing responsibility in a positive way while letting go of fear-based pressures on time frames so as not to block oneself from their own abilities or future possibilities.