Natural Amber Pendant 3 (with Silver Bail)

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As in all our products, this piece will undergo The Mala Tree's signature energy cleansing process and will be imbued with positive energy to make this product a potent and powerful charm.
Handcrafted by The Mala Tree's Artisans:
This is a lone piece. Handcrafted. Once it's gone, it's gone forever.
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Product Overview

AMBER (The Carrier of Love, Healing, Power, and Luck Amber) is not a gemstone, crystal nor mineral. It is resin - tree saps that fossilized for thousands of years. This is the reason why Amber is actually light. Metaphysically, Amber gives off soothing light energy which can calm or energize the wearer at the same time. Amber’s main strength is in manifesting desires. It also heightens intellectual abilities, clarity of the mind, and knowledge/wisdom. It is also known to cleanse its environment by taking away negativity. In crystal healing, Amber is known to relieve physical pain. A very effective mystical tool, it summons energies of protection, patience, psychic shielding, sensuality, purification, romantic love, balance, healing, and calmness to those who wear or keep Amber close to them. Amber is also a love stone as it is considered to be a good luck charm for love, relationship, and marriage. It removes stress by clearing phobias and fears.

Amber appears to be a magical stone that has many, diverse healing properties. Amber is a stone of physical energy and vitality, so it can provide the wearer with an extra boost of power when they are feeling tired. Its vibrations also help to stimulate creativity and enhance positive thinking. It can heal emotionally. Amber can aid in coming into contact with deep-seated problems that keep people from moving forward, and it will help them let go of the past. It can also strengthen their sense of self-worth and instill a feeling of independence – two things that tend to be negatively affected by emotional trauma. Amber can help you avoid or clear up sickness spells, and it's particularly helpful to do so when they're caused by other people's bad vibes. Amber has been said to cleanse the air as well as the body because it stimulates a subtle vibration that aids in the release of negative energy.

Amber contains a very high vibrational frequency, so it can bring a higher level of consciousness to all who wear it. Its properties will benefit anyone who desires the power to remember the past, process emotional difficulties and make room for well-being in their lives. It will increase your perception of beauty in all manners - showing you what is truly worth your attention. And it will teach one to notice the tiniest nuances, almost by prompting us with an un-seeable hand.