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MOOKAITE (The Stone of World Awareness and Deep Healing) is a powerful healing stone that helps provide stability to one'ås perspective of life, helping make the right decisions based on objective knowledge. Mookaite connects one to the energies of the earth, allowing for a deeper connection to the eternal instinct of the spirit in human form. Mookaite may assist in helping to slow the aging process by changing internal beliefs regarding that process, and by reminding one that the spirit is eternal. It encourages the desire for new experiences and helps to keep a balance between external activities and the internal response to these. It imparts a deep calm while encouraging versatility.

Mookaite is associated with spiritual awareness in the domestic environment and promote balance among family members who live together under one roof. This stone promotes good relations within the home by balancing disputes among family members (physically, emotionally, spiritually). It also enhances service to others by inducing empathy for people's needs; it encourages positive attitudes towards cooperation; encourages financial stability; dispels depression. Because it is a stone for deep healing, Mookaite can bring clarity and inner peace to people on their spiritual journey. 

Mookaite reminds you that all things and emotions change over time and within that change, we find the opportunity to move forward. This stone offers assurance that it's okay to open up and heal.Mookaite not only emits grounding and balancing energies but assists in promoting harmonious vibrations by filling any surrounding space or time period of imbalance. 

The Meditating Buddha is known for its healing powers. People often use it to create a safe shield for healing. Meditating Buddhas are most often used in the chakras of protection and love, and they can be worn to create balance and harmony in one's life. The Meditating Buddha symbolizes wealth, prosperity, fulfilled potentials, quality of life, harmony in relationships, unity with one’s self, others, and environment.  The elements work together to evoke feelings that one can manifest his/her dreams into reality.