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Zinc Metal Alloy Caps, Spacer, and Cone.
We are selling authentic natural gemstones. The item you will receive may appear differently from the one on the picture.
As in all our products, this piece will undergo The Mala Tree's signature energy cleansing process and will be imbued with positive energy to make this product a potent and powerful charm.

LABRADORITE (The Stone of Destiny / The Stone of Foresight and Transformation) has resonance that is very powerful, and it can be used to bring amazing changes to your life. It brings you the gift of serendipity and synchronicity. This combination can make amazing things happen in your life. Those little coincidences where you are in the right place at just the right time will occur more often once you wear this stone. It is also very protective against negative energies, balancing, strengthening and protecting the aura and sealing the aura from energy leaks. Labradorite also stimulates imagination to help you come up with new bright ideas. It makes you enthusiastic of things, thus making you more productive. It also helps one to see more clearly in meditation.

Cinnabar has strong metaphysical properties, and it is known as a stone for manifestation and wealth creation, and has been labeled the 'Merchants Stone'.  The energy of this stone may bring an increase of wealth into your business or career.  It is a stone of transformation and healing. It aids enhanced communication and inspired thinking, and may be used to align all of the chakras and release fear and resentment.

The Elephant symbolizes strength, honor, stability and tenacity, among other attributes. It is known to many cultures as an amulet of luck, fortune, protection and is a blessing upon all new projects.