JET Classic 108 Mala Necklace

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40.00 Grams
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JET (The Stone of the Great Mother of the World) is not a stone in a traditional sense.  It is of organic origin as it once carried life, and is the product of fossilized wood. It is a good stone to cleanse the aura of impure energies.  A very important stone of healing and protection, Jet's energies of purification provide a shield on many levels. It protects from evil and negativity.  It blocks psychic attacks and curses and the evil eye. Jet also possesses the protective power to guard  finances and businesses as it brings stability to these at the same time. Because it is good in purification, Jet can absorb some of the negative energy, so it should be cleansed when your intuition tells you so. It will then be happy to work its magic again. One of Jet’s main purpose is to get rid of grief.  In a gentle way, it brings grief to the surface of emotions and heal it with sympathy and comfort.  Jet also removes anxiety and depression, calms anxious or fearful over-thinking as well as delusions. Wearing Jet can then bring you inner growth, strength of character, increased self-reliance, and adaptability to change in any areas of life.

It is known to be a sign of strength and protection as well as emotional balance. It combats negative vibrations and psychic attacks against us or our small home space. Jet has been worn by cultures all over the world for thousands of years as its powers allow one's inner self to flourish with success however if not handled properly jet may bring nightmares instead as well as lead one to become addicted to it which will turn your life upside down in time or lead to illness or death. 

Jet is a stone of protection. It guards against dark magical energy and strengthens the aura to offer protection from psychic attacks, ill-wishing, convulsions, nightmares and spiritual conflicts.

Some people use the properties of jet to have a deeper connection with themselves. It is also used in crystal healing to ground oneself in the earth's energy because its makeup is rich in stone matter.