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ICE LABRADORITE (The Stone of Internal Connection and Northern Lights) is said to possess a number of metaphysical properties that can be helpful in our everyday lives. IT is believed to be a stone of transformation. It is said to help us let go of old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us, and to assist in creating new, positive pathways forward in our lives. Additionally, Ice Labradorite is thought to be a stone of personal power. It is said to help us reclaim our power and authentic selves, and to stand strong in our truth. And last but not least, Ice Labradorite is also believed to be a stone of magic and intuition.

It is said to help us access our intuition and inner wisdom, and to bring forth our innate magical abilities. If you're drawn to Ice Labradorite, it may be because you are ready to let go of the past, step into your personal power, and embrace your magic and intuition. Or, it could be that you are seeking a stone that can help you create positive change and new beginnings in your life. Whatever the reason, Ice Labradorite is a powerful ally to have by your side.