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APATITE Bracelet

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Product Overview

APATITE (The Stone of Manifestation) is the perfect stone for anyone looking to manifest their dreams into reality. This gemstone is known for its ability to help you focus on your goals and let go of what is no longer helpful. It dispels negative energies, jumpstarts the intellect, and allows for personal growth or For the common good. This stone is deeply spiritual and has a cleansing influence on the aura. It improves your speaking, attention, and memory functions. Apatite is a gemstone with strong financial and business energies. This is a great way to locate new job opportunities or make ends meet during a period of unemployment. Apatite, when worn, is great for weight reduction since it inhibits hunger if you will program it to do that.

Blue Apatite is a stone of peace, creative expression and spirituality. It was historically used as a protective talisman. This crystal can help us attain our goals and desires by acting as a personal power generator providing the energy to work toward these objectives. Traditionally Blue Apatite has been associated with love from all aspects, from platonic love to self-love.

Blue Apatite helps one connect to their intuition and can be helpful in communicating better vocally or written messages that need clarity or inspiration for creativity. The gentle, soft vibrations of this stone assists those who have trouble speaking due to fear of being judged or mocked for what they say so they may experience less stress in expressing themselves through writing or joining creative dialogue. 

Blue Apatite crystal is a stone of inspiration, grace and beauty. The Blue Apatite helps heal emotional wounds from the past while boosting your self esteem. This crystal will help you connect more deeply with yourself, spirit guides and angels that are around you all the time. It can also give you an ability to tap into inner knowledge that is often times blocked by childhood trauma or abuse.

This crystal may be used to remove toxins from the body, including chemical exposure (including chemotherapy) they carry vibrations of love and compassion, they make great tools for meditation as well as calming anxiety or panic attacks by smoothing out anxious nerve impulses within one's physical body.