ANYOLITE (RUBY IN ZOISITE) Crystal Point / Generator / Wand

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60.00 Grams
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This item is made from natural gemstones and the item you will receive may have its own nuances and inclusions. Each piece is unique.
Each piece was cut uniquely. You will receive an item that looks different from the one on the photo.
Height Range:
2.4 to 3 inches
Actual Weight:
65 to 75 grams
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Product Overview

ANYOLITE / RUBY IN ZOISITE (The Stone of Achievement, Courage, and Strength) is a stone composed of naturally occurring combination of Green Zoisite and Ruby Stone.  The energy of the Green Zoisite stimulates positive feelings and experiences, making it a good stone for the heart chakra.  This stone transmutes negative energy into positive.  Anyolite makes you empathy towards other people and helps the wearer listen to his/her body so he/she can take care of it properly.  This stone is also good as it makes one feel happy and appreciative of what he/she already has.  Anyolite is one of those stones with a very good energy combination.  This vibrant energy also enhances the connection between the heart and the brain.  Ruby in Zoisite is an energy amplification stone and it has the power to energize the whole body at once.  It is good for those who are recovering from traumas or abuses.  It also helps one not to overreact in difficult situations.  Anyolite also prevents mood swings. 
Anyolite is a stone that can be used to bring balance to the physical, emotional, and spiritual. It is especially helpful in removing negative energy and dealing with mental stress and anxiety. It is believed to promote peace, happiness, elevating moods and increasing faith. Anyolite brings peace and joy, and helps remove the darkness from one's aura. It can also help people who suffer from depression find hope for the future. 
Zoisite is a powerful gemstone that can transform negative energy into positive and when combined with Ruby's abilities, magnifies the stones ability to help amplify the entire energy field and release the talents and abilities of your mind.