Year of the SNAKE in 2018

SNAKE FORECAST FOR 2018 by The Mala Tree:

On February 16, the Year of the Dog will officially enter 2018.  The SNAKE sign’s Luck Rating for 2018 is 6 Stars out of 10.  You will enjoy good relationships, career luck and success in business this year.

Despite some set backs, this year promises to be a good one for the Snake-born. Your social and personal life will be busy and doors will open for new partnerships and business opportunities. Although some arguments will arise between you and some loved ones, you will not have nay trouble resolving these conflicts. You may have to be wary though of some unexpected events which may trigger some inconvenient incidents with you this year. Your ability to adapt to changes will be needed so you may triumph over these trials. 

In the first few months of the year, you may incur some monetary losses, due to failed investments made the past years. However, due to the guidance of some mentors, you shall be able to bounce back and the rest of your year shall be rewarding.

Career-wise, you need to stabilize whatever it is that you have in the workplace before making grander plans for the year ahead. The second half of the year will be smooth sailing for you as there will be boost in your luck prospects. Make use of this time to reenergize your performance at work.

Whether single or in a relationship, your love prospects will prosper this year. Singles could finally meet their respective matches. Engaged Snake-borns may consider an engagement this year as it can usher a long and prosperous marriage. married couples however need to be more loyal to their partners and refrain from extra-marital affairs to avoid break-ups.

Health should be the paramount priority of the Snake this year. The elderly may see themselves in and out of hospitals often. Snakes should take care of their stomach and intestinal health.