Year of the RABBIT in 2018

RABBIT FORECAST FOR 2018 by The Mala Tree:

On February 16, the Year of the Dog will officially enter 2018.  The RABBIT sign’s Luck Rating for 2018 is 7 Stars out of 10.  Your luck is very strong and you will have all the reasons to smile this year.  All efforts from past years will bear fruit.  Take advantage of it.

The presence of two auspicious stars in your sign will bring a smooth sailing year ahead. The Grand Duke Jupiter and the Monthly Virtue Stars under your sign will keep you busy - so be confident and mingle with others. Knowing and being close to people who may serve as your mentors will greatly benefit you. However, with a busy social calendar, you are advised to give time to people who matter most- you family and your partner. Pay attention to what they are not saying. Be more observant. 

A variety of bad luck will be on your way this year in the forms of legal, personal and professional disputes so be extra prudent with how your money. Watch where your money goes and keep track of people who may have other intentions. Income-wise, a lot of opportunities will be coming your way. Just assess which ones are up your alley and you are most comfortable with and this can prove to be a profitable year for you.

Practice precautionary measures when doing your tasks in the workplace and be consistent with your performance and you shall see an improved relationship with your superiors and colleagues.

Couples will have some bouts of misunderstanding which will stem from trivial stuff and can escalate into something bigger. Tolerance and consideration of each other’s feelings will keep the relationship smooth sailing. 

Your health will be neutral this year - just take care of your wellbeing and lead a balanced life to avoid contracting diseases.