Year of the OX in 2018

OX FORECAST FOR 2018 by The Mala Tree:

On February 16, the Year of the Dog will officially enter 2018.  The OX sign’s Luck Rating for 2018 is 6 Stars out of 10.  Your energy is high this year and there is a big potential of success in all endeavors.

Wealth and career advancement are what’s in store for you this 2018! The presence of two auspicious starts in your sign will help you turn anything you touch into gold and the possible appearance of a mentor or a nobleman in our life may open doors for your financial windfall this year. Practice moderation and a good balance in all life’s aspects and you shall enjoy the year without any trouble.

If you want a promotion, be ready. The presence of the Moon Star will send you messages of luck and prosperity. This is a year where you will see a good financial standing. Singles or couples preparing to get married in the coming years, this is your opportunity to build your nest as this will be a year of financial luck for couples who want to acquire wealth.

Oxen women will see a boost in the workplace, especially with those who are in female-dominated industries. Women helping other women will reap great rewards this year as the Moon Star will help boost female energies this 2018. Men who are Ox-born need to ne in the good books of their women superiors, elders, and colleagues as they will be your key to a promotion. We highly advise though to be more cautious and do not indulge yourself with the excess of your wealth.

Wealth accumulation will be a breeze for you this year. Invest in small risk-free real estate and do not engage in big financial investments. 

Your career will be a breeze and promotions and merits will be easily bestowed upon you. However, be wary of the envious eyes of colleagues. We suggest you keep yourself grounded and maintain a humble demeanor with diligence, you shall earn the respect of your peers and they will aid you whenever necessary. 

In the love department, the absence of Peach Blossom Luck will prove to be a challenging year for the single Ox born person who is seeking a partner this year.  Couples who are planning to say “I do” this year, should proceed with their plans.


A constant visit to the doctor will be beneficial as the some inauspicious stars may bring some illnesses this year. A sport that is low impact can help you mitigate some health issues.