Year of the MONKEY in 2018

MONKEY FORECAST FOR 2018 by The Mala Tree:

On February 16, the Year of the Dog will officially enter 2018.  The MONKEY sign’s Luck Rating for 2018 is 7 Stars out of 10. As the year progresses, you will feel energized and you can only attain great things if you put effort and increase your personal power.

Finding your inner strength will help you in 2018 as this will be a trying time. One of the things you need to watch out for is your finances as your Wealth Luck during this period does not take off. Your cash flow will be limited so you need to closely monitor your expenses. Careful financial planning and management of your resources will help you get by. If you still have the time and energy, a second source of income to supplement your main one may come in handy too. The presence of the Wind Horse in your stars will also mean there will be a lot of traveling for you this year, take this opportunity as it can help you advance your career. 

Sensible purchases and self-control with regard to spending might offset some of the monetary losses you may encounter in 2018. Plan your budget wisely and avoid high-risk activities so you may minimize your spending and maximize your savings.

Obstacles and disputes in your career will be felt most this year. Strive to be diligent and relentless in your work assignments and tasks. Maintain good relationships with colleagues and you will see that these obstacles will greatly dissolve. 

A weak Peach Blossom Luck will present an undesirable relationship outlook for those who are single. Keep your expectations low to avoid disappointments. Couples should pay possible health issues and they need to closely monitor each other to keep illnesses at bay. 

Your physical wellbeing may take a blow this year. Avoid engaging in extreme sports which you have little or no preparation at all.