Year of the HORSE in 2018

HORSE FORECAST FOR 2018 by The Mala Tree:

On February 16, the Year of the Dog will officially enter 2018.  The HORSE sign’s Luck Rating for 2018 is 6 Stars out of 10. This year will be more positive than last year.

The presence of three favorable stars in your sign this year ushers in a great year for the Horse. With supportive, generous, and loyal people around you will bring you good fortune and wealth opportunities. Your negotiations and communication skills will be at an all time high too this year, so make the most out of this period. The Earth Star will also bring you extra protection from negative stars and it will guide you in times of conflict resolution. 

You will experience a surge in wealth this year through the support of your friends and colleagues. Your performance at work shall be rewarded accordingly and it will pave the way to profits or salary increase. You may need to be careful though when you travel and do not push yourself too much. 

In the workplace, be careful with your words and be wary of possible backstabbers. To avoid conflicts, be more sociable and take time to practice open communication with people at work.

Love prospects seem to be looking good for the Horse this year. Singles need to be more vocal about their feelings to the apple of the eyes. The chances of you being in a romantic relationship this year are high.

Observe proper diet an d maintain a good work-life balance to avoid possible health deterioration. Avoid sharp metal objects and must be handled with care at all times.