Year of the DOG in 2018

DOG FORECAST FOR 2018 by The Mala Tree:

On February 16, the Year of the Dog will officially enter 2018.  The DOG sign’s Luck Rating for 2018 is 5 Stars out of 10.  Expect a series of good fortune events despite your low spirit essence.

2018 will be a roller coaster ride for the Dog as it will find himself faced with strings of personal and professional issues despite some success he will merit this coming year. Some of these issues may also spill over and will affect others within your circle. However, a positive outlook and confidence will help you overcome these problems.

Career-wise, there is absolutely nothing to worry about as things will be looking good for you this year as the Elegant Seal Star makes its presence felt in your sign. An auspicious star, this will help those who have been longing to get that promotion and recognition they have been working for these past few years. Think over this first though as some new responsibilities may affect your personal relationships. The year may also present you with some work related pressure and it will be peppered with conflicts which may result to an unpleasant work environment.

Unfortunately, this boost in your career will also be the cause of some stresses in your personal life as months go by in 2018. The Grand Duke Jupiter’s influence will trigger some disturbances in your personal life and some of the plans you have made in the past months. The same confidence and strength that you maintain in the work place must also be applied with this aspect in your life so you will be able to mitigate these huddles. 


Financially, the Dog will need to be cautious of his wealth and must take extra precaution in safe-guarding his investments, savings, and loans. Give contracts a second and even a third review before signing them and avoid risky transactions such as investing on the stock market and gambling. A weaker indirect Wealth Star Luck in your sign means that good fortune is not on your side this year. Instead, focus on building your nest and put your money in your savings.

The prospects of finding love in 2018 for the Dog are not so high this year. Couples will see trying times as they need to work more on their relationships and married dog-born people must practice tolerance, patience, and a lot of respect. A simple misunderstanding can lead to a significant decline. Single Dog-born people will find it best not to focus so much on the love aspect and will instead need to channel their energies towards their health and work.


The health issues you had in the past year will also be carried over in 2018. The dog is advised to take extra care with his digestive health. Road accidents may also happen so you are advised to be more alert.