Year of the BOAR in 2018

BOAR (PIG) FORECAST FOR 2018 by The Mala Tree:

On February 16, the Year of the Dog will officially enter 2018.  The BOAR sign’s Luck Rating for 2018 is 5 Stars out of 10.  You will benefit from going with the flow this year.

The Sun Star is in your sign this year and you shall see winnings and big gains for you this 2018. The presence of the Sky Happiness Star in your sign is also reason to celebrate - do not hold back as the stars have aligned to help you throughout the year. With a clear mind, confidence, and focus, you can get anything you want in this Year of the Dog!

You will see heightened popularity this year and your network will be expanding as you will find making friends and connections easier and with a breeze - just remember to say the right words, manners, and deportment and you shall be an instant hit be it at parties or during business meetings. Love is also on the way for single Pig-born people. Married couples will see a lot of joyous moments together this year brought about by the Sky Happiness Star.

Both the Sun and the Sky Happiness Stars favor knowledge and new relationships. With this, we highly advise that you take your education and skills development to new heights.  We recommend you sign up for some lessons to help you boost your confidence and luck especially in the work place. 

Money-wise, the first few months will bring a barrage of obstacles that will keep you from attaining additional wealth. However, with careful thought and a lot of budgeting, you shall surpass this phase and with focus and some hard work, you will slowly see an increase in wealth luck. Money that was owed will be returned - just be patient and avoid confrontations when asking for reimbursements. Friends who owe you will be paying, so relax.

Your colleagues will be your aces at work as they are shall be your aid towards a promotion. Strong alliances with teammates will help you avoid any difficulties at the workplace. Now is the time to shine and show your superiors what a gem you are in the organization.


Your health may unfortunately take a plunge this year and you are cautioned to be extra careful. You are advised to go easy on unhealthy eating and be more wary when doing physically extraneous activities. No extreme sports for you this year.