Year of the OX in 2017


On January 28, the Year of the Rooster will officially enter and 2017 is “AN EXCELLENT YEAR” for the OX. Out of the 12 animal signs, you are the luckiest this year in terms of over-all luck.


- Very positive because of the two Big Auspicious Stars in your chart.

- Business luck is very good.

- Relationship luck is superb.

- Your success luck is very strong!

RELATIONSHIP LUCK: Take it to the next level. You’re on the right track. If single, this is a good year to look for love.

WEALTH / CAREER LUCK: Spend wisely.

HEALTH LUCK: Not that good. Average.

ADVICE: Make sure to take care of your health so you can experience the benefits from the auspicious stars. Be sure to seal your luck by wearing blessed and energized crystals. Wealth and health stones are essential. Before you take a rest, make sure to close your eyes and envision an abundant life. To ascertain that there will be no hurdles to success, you may chant or meditate on the “Obstacle Dispeller Mantra” (OM AH HUM, VAJRA GURU PADMA SIDDHI HUM). Get strength from the people you love. Keep your Heart Chakra balanced.