Year of the HORSE in 2017

HORSE FORECAST FOR 2017 by The Mala Tree:

On January 28, the Year of the Rooster will officially enter and 2017 is “A CHALLENGING YEAR” for the Horse.  Out of the 12 animal signs, you are 4th in terms of over-all luck. 

Crystals for the Horse sign are here:



-       There will be misfortunes, trials, and orders.  Protect yourself from the bad stars.

-       Self-assurance and confidence will be lacking.

-       Strong life force will be helpful.

-       Progress will be slow.

-       It is advised that you surround yourself with a strong support system such as your friends and family.


RELATIONSHIP LUCK:  Lack of focus in finding or maintaining love or relationship.

WEALTH / CAREER LUCK:  Spend wisely.  Watch your expenses!

HEALTH LUCK:  Average.  Healthy food can improve your health luck.

ADVICE:   The keywords for survival for the horse this year is “positivity” and “optimism.”  Use the affirmation and remind yourself of it at every opportunity.  Downfalls maybe experienced but don’t shortchange yourself.  The best is yet to come.  Always wear or bring protection stones with you.  The other recommended stones will provide you with security and grounding.  Balancing your Root Chakra will boost your wealth luck, subduing the slow progress.  Mantras would be helpful and strengthen your life force in 2017.  Use your mala and chant the “Mantra that Purifies 100,000 Eons of Negative Karma” (OM HANU PHASHA BHARA HE YE SOHA).  Removing negative karma will definitely increase the good energies in your well-being.  The year will be smoother.