Year of the DRAGON in 2017


On January 28, the Year of the Rooster will officially enter and 2017 is “A GOOD YEAR” for the Dragon.  Out of the 12 animal signs, you are the 2nd luckiest this year.



-       Recognition, fame, and promotion luck is strong!

-       This can be YOUR year because the stars assure you of great success.

-       Bad stars can be dangerous for you and you should seek protection.

-       Hidden obstacles might hinder your success.

-       Your life force energy and spirit essence are average.  Increase them using enhancers.


RELATIONSHIP LUCK:  Good.  A good year to get married or propose.

WEALTH / CAREER LUCK:  Better than last year but be careful of your expenses.


ADVICE:  You’re on a roll this year!  Take advantage of the immense luck going your way for 2017.  But remember that there are outside forces and considerations that can affect your luck so the best thing to do is enhance, enhance, enhance your good energies all the time by wearing the recommended crystals.  Keep your Heart Chakra balanced and give out love to the Universe and the love will bounce back to you and double your success luck.  Look after your health and always empower yourself by uttering the recommended affirmation when you wake up.  You may use other empowering affirmations.  To increase wealth, use your mala and chant the “Ganapati Mantra” (OM AH GA HUM PAT SVAHA).  Don’t forget to do charitable work (even small ones like giving alms or rescuing or feeding a stray cat) each time you receive blessings to thank the Universe.  Doing so will multiply the abundance.