Year of the DOG in 2017


On January 28, the Year of the Rooster will officially enter and 2017 is “AN AVERAGE YEAR” for the Dog.  Out of the 12 animal signs, you are ranked 9th in terms of over-all luck.

Crystals for the Dog sign are here:



-       Take advantage of the opportunities that boost your creation of wealth.

-       Mentors and influential benefactors will give big support.

-       Be careful of loss.

-       Exciting developments in many aspects of life.

-       Life force and spirit essence are average.



WEALTH / CAREER LUCK:  Good, generally.

HEALTH LUCK:  Be careful of your food intake.  There’s a risk that you will have small illnesses this year.


ADVICE:  We attract what we think.  So start the day right by saying your affirmation, “I am well.  All is well.” Aligning and balancing your Root Chakra will create more stability in every important aspect of your life.  Using the recommended stones will attract more wealth, gain approval from peers, and activate your personal power.  To counter the negative energies in your chart, using your Japa Mala, you can meditate and chant the “Purification Mantra of Vajrasattva” (OM VAJRASATTVA HUM). While at it, visualize a white light flowing and cleansing your body of negativity and obstructions.  Imagine all the impurities of the physical body being drained.  This practice can also improve your health.  You will have great guidance from helpful people this year.  Maximize it.