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Metal Alloy Spacers & Cones
We are selling authentic natural gemstones. The item you will receive may appear differently from the one on the picture.
As in all our products, this piece will undergo The Mala Tree's signature energy cleansing process and will be imbued with positive energy to make this product a potent and powerful charm.

Product Overview

HOWLITE (The Stone of Calmness and Memory) is a super-calming stone that relieves stress of all kinds. It makes an excellent antidote to insomnia due to an overactive mind. It also gives one a thorough insight into his or her past. Howlite teaches patience. and can be used to absorb your own anger - or another's anger that is directed towards you. It helps to overcome critical or selfish behavior. It can help with insomnia when your mind is racing or with anything that causes you to be stressed. It helps you to enjoy the present without worrying about the future.

CLEAR QUARTZ (Master Healer / The Stone of Power and Health) is the most powerful healer and energy amplifier. It energizes all levels of consciousness and clears negative energies. It is excellent for meditation as it clears the mind. Clear Quartz is also a good amplification stone. When you wear a bracelet or necklace, it intensifies your luck and amplifies the metaphysical effects of your other crystals. As it reflects every color in the rainbow, it stimulates, clears, and balances all the chakras at the same time.