Rating:           Wood Snake – 4/5

                        Fire Snake – 2/5

                        Earth Snake – 3/5

                        Metal Snake – 3/5

                        Water Snake – 4/5


SNAKE (1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013)

The year will not bid well for you and you will need a strong support system to survive a difficult year. Your old ways of doing things in an organized fashion and laying low will be shaken by the Tiger and you need to be on your feet to survive a busy and unpredictable year.


Those who are in a committed relationship will fare better than those who are single or those who are in the early stages of their relationship. Singles who want to be in relationships will struggle to find the “right one” as this is the year of uncertainties and discomfited situations for the Snake individual. Before you commit, think twice and assess each admirer.


In the workplace, you need to adapt as things will be moving at a fast pace. You will need the assistance of your colleagues and you need to double your efforts to keep things afloat career-wise. If you are thinking of leaving your job to seek greener pastures, don’t. This is not a good time to be scouting around for new prospects. A new job at a different organization will also spell double stress, but if you think you can manage and handle high-level stress, the pay-off could be extra rewarding.


You will be met with unexpected expenses which will put a dent in your savings, so do not spend on small unnecessary items. Vacations and weekend trips are fine as long as you stay within your limit.


Married Snake individuals and those who are in domestic partnerships will have good and sweeter times ahead. Spend more time with your partner and family as they will provide you comfort and greater joy. To those who plan to conceive, a child will come when you are ready.


An accident may happen so you need to be extra cautious with your activities. A balanced diet and exercise will keep illnesses at bay.

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