SAKURA AGATE Adjustable Silver Ring

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3.70 Grams
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SAKURA AGATE / CHERRY BLOSSOM AGATE (The Blooming Stone) is a recently discovered stone from Madagascar. The semi-translucent pink stone that seems to have floating Sakura petals inside each bead is believed to be a bearer of joy while it assists one to find his or her purpose. Its soft yet powerful energy sends off assistance to those who want to be more creative and have a steady flow of ideas. Its loving vibrations is also perfect for those who have deep-seated traumas as it allows its wearer to move on with life with a renewed energy and a better understanding of pain and how to manage it. In times of crisis, hold this powerful support stone and experience a warm embrace from its energy. As a love stone, it helps one to find, keep, and maintain relationships. Those who have kept this stone also experience a “blooming” effect as the positive energy flowed in and out of their auras, thus giving a more youthful glow.