RHODONITE Tumbled Stone

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35.00 Grams
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Around 30 to 35 grams
Around 1 to 1.5 inches
This product came from a piece of authentic natural gemstone and may contain inclusions, impurities (rock materials), "imperfections," natural cracks, and markings as part of Mother Nature's work of art.

RHODONITE (The Stone of Grace and Elegance) is the stone of unconditional love and known to be very beneficial on the heart chakra.  It helps develop inner growth and encourages appreciation for self and knowing your true worth.  Rhodonite also provides calmness and eases anger and anxiety. It balances one’s emotions and brings out pride and confidence.  Rhodonite is a stone of the extremes. With its bright pink color radiating energy that illuminates passionate love, one can find a good mate. It also helps recover from break-ups and heartaches. It is a good fertility stone if you will program it for that purpose.