PALO SANTO (Peruvian)

8.00 Grams
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High quality, authentic, originated from Peru. Price is for one (1) stick.
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Product Overview

Palo Santo is grounding, energetically cleansing and spiritually protective. Palo Santo sticks are used for clearing energy that may be stuck or stagnant in the environment of any person, place, or thing. It is thought to create a light energetic shield around its user. Clearing these can help with sleep quality and more broadly one's mental/emotional state.

Palo Santo will be used as a calming and connecting tool, is an excellent protector and purifier against negative energy by dispersing said energy with its essence of light. It also aids in the healing process by stimulating the respiratory system to release toxins from your body with such potency that it has been known to assist those suffering from smoker's coughs.

Palo Santo is usually burned as an aid for meditation, ritual enchantments, and spiritual connection. Some people swear by it as a natural form of air freshener or insect repellent because of its earthy fragrance. Known to help purify the bad energies we pick up on our path through life so we can stay resplendent and unsoiled by the grime of everyday existence.