2020-monthly-forecast-template-november-2020-copy.001.jpeg RAT – Relationships, personal and professional, are flying high this month. A positive shift in the workplace will be seen and cooperation amongst bosses and peers is at its peak. Do not be afraid to take on new tasks and have the initiative to perform some responsibilities in the workplace. For those seeking life-long partners, now is a good time as the Peach Blossom Star is on your side.



OX - This month, listen to your body and take a breather when you feel stressed. The Illness Star lands on your Feng Shui sign. Students and those who have immune issues are advised to take extra caution. Individuals who want to grow their money should avoid investments that promise easy and high yields - if it’s too good to be true, then it isn’t.



TIGER -  Avoid high-risk activities and health is at risk this month. As much as possible, avoid visiting hospitals, wakes, and cemeteries this month as these areas have too much Yin energy. In the workplace, stick with your area of expertise and do not take new responsibilities outside your comfort zone. Do the things that give you joy and keep the communications line with family and friends always open. Matters concerning the heart are good this month.



RABBIT - Luck is on your side and good fortune seems to clear all obstacles out of the way for you this November. A person of authority will come to you to mentor you. Embrace the wisdom this person passes on to you. As the wonderful blessing will come to you, stay humble and low key. Relationships in the workplace will improve greatly as friends will always be ready to lend a helping hand.


2020-monthly-forecast-template-november-2020-copy.005.jpegDRAGON - Betrayal and robbery are lurking around the corner as the presence of the Robbery Star lands on your sign. Be vigilant and do not trust people - even friends and family easily. Stay in your comfort zone and do the things you usually do with caution. Now is not the time to take risks and do not make big decisions. Students must learn how to pace themselves as heavy workload may fall upon them this month. Those who are in relationships may experience setbacks and even betrayals.



SNAKE - Extreme loss, betrayals, and robbery are some of the things the Snake-born individual may need to watch out for this month as the #7 Star falls upon their sign. Friends, family, and allies may turn their backs on you so you must be extra-cautious. Avoid sharing personal information, ideas, and plans with anyone. Personal safety is compromised too so always secure your house and belongings. Things may be tense, but avoid confrontations and stay low key. Love and luck are also low this month, so make sure you wear your amulets and crystals all the time.



HORSE - Tempers will rise and arguments will dominate your sign this month, so stay calm and avoid confrontations. Show positivity and you will receive happy energy. You will not easily trust anyone but always give them the benefit of the doubt and you will easily breeze through the month unscathed. Students may find themselves in competitive situations, but keeping a positive outlook will allow them to face challenges without stress. Love is not looking rosy so, keep your head cool and remember to take things with a grain of salt.


2020-monthly-forecast-template-november-2020-copy.008.jpeg SHEEP - Murphy’s Law dictates that when things are bound to go wrong, they will. So this month, avoid making big decisions, hold any travel plans, and do not invest. You will encounter a lot of setbacks and obstacles, tempers will flare, and energies are running low. Step on the breaks and head to a happy place to find your center. Love luck is average.



MONKEY - Chaos rules your sign this month. Do not venture into risky investments and business ventures and avoid extreme activities and travel. Do not put your reputation at risk by sharing too much information with friends and colleagues, as betrayal is lurking around your sign. Staying calm and keeping a relaxed attitude towards things will help you greatly. Love luck is on your side. To those who’re single, do not go on blind dates to meet strangers, the one near you could be the one you have been waiting for.



ROOSTER - When the stars deliver luck on your lap, you do not sleep on it. Reach for higher goals and you will be rewarded especially this month. Opportunities will come your way, so be bold and take risks. Everyone will rally behind you to give their support. Love luck is also abloom for couples, and these who have been waiting for their partner, this may be the month for you.



DOG - You are brimming with energy this month, this positive energy will attract people and workmates closer to you to provide you support and encouragement. Hard work will pay off, so do all that you can so you can bear the fruit of your labor. New tasks and opportunities are aplenty so trust your instincts and be not afraid to take risks. Someone very close to you may want to bring your relationship to the next level. Do not sit on your luck - activate it!



BOAR - Things and work-related tasks may seem to pile up this month, but do not succumb to stress as the load you take will yield good results in the end. Wealth and abundance will come your way as long as you keep your deadlines and maintain the same enthusiasm at work. Relationships will flow smoothly, so keep your communication lines to friends and family more open. This is a good month for you, all you have to do is enhance it by using your lucky crystals and charms.




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