NEPHRITE JADE Ring Set in Silver #2

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3.00 Grams
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NEPHRITE JADE (The Stone of Endurance and Business Success) is a stone of health and abundance. It allows the divine energy to bless the various circumstances of life.   It is believed to encapsulate the yin and yang energies of heaven and earth. This is why Nephrite is used as a good luck talisman around the world: it opens the heart chakra to receive good fortune in a natural seamless way. Nephrite Jade also converts negative energy into positive energy. It increases one's sense of well-being allowing the wearer to welcome enjoyment in this life. It is also a good stone of emotional stability and balance. It is good for sorting out all heart chakra issues and love relationships. It is also promotes self-confidence and is also good in calming the nervous system. It carries a revitalizing energy if you use it for health and beauty. Its protective capabilities shields one from diseases, bad vibes, psychic attacks, etc.