HOW TO ORDER (Temporary / Quarantine Period)



First, we ask for your patience and understanding. We do our best to process orders given the limitations brought about by the quarantine. In a nutshell, ordering is just the same as before but, temporarily:


1.) CUT-OFF FOR ALL ORDERS: Friday. Payments must have been settled and proof of payment must have been emailed to

2.) ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS: Bank deposits (online or manual) via BDO, BPI, or Metrobank. We also accept payments via GCash and LBC. PayPal payments are also accepted.

3.) SHIPPING: For Metro Manila orders, we will ship your order either via LBC or Lalamove on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Clients OUTSIDE Metro Manila and Laguna may have to wait a few more days for their items as some ports are closed due to the ECQ / quarantine. We will ship your items as soon as the authorities allow deliveries in your respective areas. We will also give you updates. For follow-ups, message us via our FB Page and Instagram accounts with your order number.

4.) WE STILL SHIP IN PROVINCES AND THE REST OF THE WORLD. It will depend on the advisory of LBC, but as soon as things go back to normal, we will ship the items pronto.






Ordering via the website is easy!  You don't need a credit card because we have numerous payment methods.  You may opt to sign up for an account in our website or order as a guest.  

1.  CHOOSE your currency. (Philippine Peso, US Dollar, Euros, Australian Dollars, Indonesian Rupiah, etc.)

2.  BROWSE products.

3.  If you like an item, click ADD to cart.  Browse for other items you like and click ADD to cart.  

(FOR BRACELETS:  It is important to indicate your preferred wrist size.  You may use a tape measure to measure your wrist - the part of the wrist with the protruding bone.  Please don't exaggerate allowances.  If you are giving the bracelet as gifts, the STANDARD FEMALE WRIST SIZE is 14cm to 15cm.  The STANDARD MALE WRIST SIZE is 15cm to 17cm.)

4.  SAVE on shipping fee by maximizing your orders per transaction.  


6.  FILL out the information sheet.

7.  SELECT applicable Shipping Fee.

8.  CHOOSE a payment method.  

  • PAYPAL Direct Payments are accepted.  You may also use a credit card.
  • BANK DEPOSIT via BPI, BDO, and Metrobank.
  • MONEY TRANSFERS.  We ONLY accept money transfer payments made through:  LBC and GCASH for now.


9.  A.) FOR PHILIPPINE-BASED CUSTOMERS (Bank Deposits / Money Transfers):  


1.) You will receive an email from The Mala Tree ( after each order containing your Order Number, Ordered Items, Shipping Details, and other information.
2.) After paying for your order, REPLY to the email and ATTACH YOUR PROOF OF PAYMENT (Photo of the transaction slip or screenshots) and hit send.
3.) Also, kindly NOTIFY US by sending an SMS to +639177301898 just so we will be alerted, but please address all follow-ups and order queries via email. NOTE: Payment confirmations will be done officially via email as we have to check your proof of payment first and that takes time since we have to communicate with the bank and payment centers. Please send an SMS and NOT Viber or Facebook Message. We accept online and app-based bank transfers. Just send the screenshots by replying to the Order Email.
4.) Check your emails also regarding updates about your order. We are in the process of centralizing all order process via the website. Updates from the site are instantly reflected to emails which will be sent to you.
5.) ON PAYMENT CONFIRMATIONS: If the screenshot/photo you sent when you replied did not bounce back to your email, that means we have received your email and you will receive an email confirmation within the day or the next two days if volume of orders are at its peak. (We are temporarily closed on Mondays as of now, so please expect a response from Tuesday to Sunday.). The Mala Tree has been in business since 2012 with over 600K combined likes and followers across social media platforms. We are a legitimate business as well and have sent out thousands of orders. We also have a physical store (2nd Floor, No. 189 Maginhawa St., SIkatuna Village, Quezon City). Your money is safe with us and you will receive what you have paid for. That's our guarantee.
6.) ON ORDER FOLLOW-UPS: We do our best to make sure that your orders will reach you at the soonest possible time. If ever things get delayed due to reasons involving our partner couriers, supplies get delayed at the customs office, or the time spent for "handmade" items, may we please ask for your patience and understanding. Let us maintain the positivity which is what crystals and dharma are all about. After all, crystals are like destiny - they come to us at the right moment and at the right time. There are also days when we don't ship the items because it is an inauspicious/unlucky day which will affect the stones. But please address your follow-up by replying to the email sent when you ordered.


FOR PHILIPPINE PAYPAL PAYMENTS:  No need to send email since we also receive a notification email when you Pay via the website.  Kindly SMS us though at +639177301898 informing us of your purchase.  Please state your Order Number as well.

FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS PAYING VIA PAYPAL:  No need to send SMS or email since we also receive a notification email when you Pay via the website. You You can make follow-ups by emailing  Please include order number on the subject line.  You can also send us a message via Viber or WhatsApp at +639177301898.


10.  Keep the positivity while waiting for your items.  

The Mala Tree's artisan mala necklaces and other products are mostly handmade.  Also, we "cleanse" and "imbue" your crystals with auspicious energies. Plus, we only schedule shipments on "favorable" days.  We make sure that all elements of luck and positivity are incorporated in every piece.


 TRACKING NUMBERS will be sent to you via email or SMS.

Crystals and Dharma products are sensitive to energies.  Let's all keep the positivity while waiting for your crystals to arrive.  Crystals come to us at the right time.  

Thank you!  Happy shopping!