Horoscope for the 12 Zodiac Signs for November 2021


Horoscope for the 12 Zodiac Signs for November 2021




November is a time to face your most uncomfortable feelings head-on. It may be an unpleasant and demanding experience at times, but it is nevertheless the final stretch of a long road to perfection, satisfaction, and positive change. This month, three of the personal planets will pass through Scorpio, creating a stellium.

Expect to learn about events from your past that you thought had been forgotten. Any unfinished business you may still have will not be resolved at this point.We must act and be unafraid in the face of disruption. It can be a sad phase, but your fighting spirit will see you through your toughest of times.

You'll feel like things are about to fall into place and you might be a little anxious. You need to take a brave stance if you want the energies in this transit to change.

November will also bring about dramatic changes in how we perceive the world. This could be a period of research leaks, unexpected outbursts, and extreme positions on things. It is possible that the planets will bring about quick change for the better. Still, demolishing walls comes at a cost, as there are many who might have relied on them for a long time. To get through this, we must learn to let go of the past's outdated methods. It's about cleaning up the trash and preparing to dig for treasures. Staying positive is not always easy, but it's worth the effort. You may find gold on your journey if you go for what makes life worthwhile even during times of drought,

The Full Moon in November is a time for endings and closure and of transitions and understanding. Now is a great time for self-reflection and understanding our flaws, but it's also important to look at others' shortcomings. 


Gemstones for Aries this month:

GREEN AVENTURINE: https://mala.to/greenaventurine

BLACK TOURMALINE: https://mala.to/blacktourmaline



Gemstones for Taurus this month: 

CITRINE: https://mala.to/citrine 

GARNET: https://mala.to/garnet



Gemstones for Gemini this month:

HOWLITE: https://mala.to/howlite

LEPIDOLITE: https://mala.to/lepidolite



Gemstones for Cancer this month:

JET: https://mala.to/jet

AMETHYST: https://mala.to/amethyst



Gemstones for Leo this month: 

PYRITE: https://mala.to/pyrite

PERIDOT: https://mala.to/peridot



Gemstones for Libra this month:

LAPIS LAZULI: https://mala.to/lapislazuli

PICTURE JASPER: https://mala.to/picturejasper



Gemstones for Scorpio this month: 

RED TIGER’S EYE: https://mala.to/redtigerseye

RUBY: https://mala.to/ruby



Gemstones for Sagittarius this month:

GOLD-SHEEN OBSIDIAN: https://mala.to/gsobsidian

ROSE QUARTZ: https://mala.to/rosequartz



Gemstones for Capricorn this month: 

GOLD TIGER’S EYE: https://mala.to/goldtigerseye

LABRADORITE: https://mala.to/labradorite



Gemstones for Aquarius this month:

CARNELIAN: https://mala.to/carnelian

RED JASPER: https://mala.to/redjasper



Gemstones for Pisces this month:

AMAZONITE: https://mala.to/amazonite

FANCY JASPER: https://mala.to/fancyjasper



Gemstones for Virgo this month: 

BASALT: https://mala.to/basalt

ANGELITE: https://mala.to/angelite