Horoscope for the 12 Zodiac Signs for December 2021

Horoscope for the 12 Zodiac Signs for December 2021


After an entire year of our astrological potential being held back, we now move into a season that promises tremendous growth. The month of December 2021 will welcome a lot of change and destruction in order to make way for a creative resurgence. However, before we fully embrace this new era, we must break down the floodgates.

December 2021 marks a turning point for us all. We'll feel like we're drowning in the madness around us, but this is necessary destruction on the way to wholeness. This is not our time for action, but for patience and endurance. We'll be feeling the impulse to give up as we witness yet another political scandal, unforeseen disaster or betrayal from a friend. But this is also our chance to cultivate patience and learn how to weather the storms, even amidst tragedy.

What we need most now is time—time to process what we're witnessing in the world, time to rethink who we are and how we want to show up in this world. Before

we rush to make big, bold changes, it's important to take a step back and think about what we really want.

The harvest is coming. We may feel like the world is falling apart around us, but this destruction will open up space for new forms of expression and creativity to flourish in December 2021 . It's time for us all to become artists of our life—to begin writing the story of who we are destined to be.


Gemstones for Aries this month:

LEPIDOLITE: https://mala.to/lepidolite

CITRINE: https://mala.to/citrine



Gemstones for Taurus this month:

AMETHYST: https://mala.to/amethyst

GREEN AVENTURINE: https://mala.to/greenaventurine



Gemstones for Gemini this month:

BLACK ONYX: https://mala.to/onyx

FANCY JASPER: https://mala.to/fancyjasper



Gemstones for Cancer this month:

FLUORITE: https://mala.to/fluorite

RUDRAKSHA: https://mala.to/rudraksha



Gemstones for Leo this month:

MOSS AGATE: https://mala.to/mossagate

HOWLITE: https://mala.to/howlite



Gemstones for Libra this month:

RED JASPER: https://mala.to/redjasper

SODALITE: https://mala.to/allsodalite



Gemstones for Virgo this month:

LABRADORITE: https://mala.to/labradorite

PREHNITE: https://mala.to/prehnite



Gemstones for Scorpio this month:

GARNET: https://mala.to/garnet

PYRITE: https://mala.to/pyrite



Gemstones for Sagittarius this month:

BLACK OBSIDIAN: https://mala.to/blackobsidian

CLEAR QUARTZ: https://mala.to/clearquartz



Gemstones for Capricorn this month:

RED TIGER’S EYE: https://mala.to/redtigerseye

JADE: https://mala.to/jade



Gemstones for Aquarius this month:

BLACK TOURMALINE: https://mala.to/blacktourmaline

PICTURE JASPER: https://mala.to/picturejasper



Gemstones for Pisces this month:

GREEN AVENTURINE: https://mala.to/greenaventurine

SHUNGITE: https://mala.to/shungite