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HESSONITE GARNET (The Stone of Passion and Creativity) is also known as “The Stone of Rahu,” the north node of the moon known as the “Dragon’s Head” in Vedic beliefs.  It is regarded as an extremely powerful stone.  Aside from possessing all the metaphysical properties of Garnet, Hessonite’s focus is particularly concentrated in creative and personal expression. Emotionally, Hessonite Garnet is used in crystal healing to address issues concerning sexuality, emotional balance, and the lack of zest and interest in life. It is known to dispel confusion and take away negativity from the mind. It thus enables an individual to take his/her decisions with ease. Wearing this stone boosts the confidence of a person making him face the upcoming challenges of life with courage and the right frame of mind. Hessonite can help anyone achieve great heights in job or business by bestowing upon him/her great will power, clarity of vision and power of communication and luck.