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GREEN KYANITE (The Stone of Balance Between Self and Nature) helps one attune with the ever-moving perfect flow of the Universal life force.  It connects one to the truth that resides in his or her heart.  Green Kyanite tells you right away if someone you are talking to is being dishonest about his real feelings.  It connects you to the elements of nature that can helpful to your current state.  This stone has unlimited potential that is why it is often called the attunement stone.  Like Blue Kyanite, this stone opens the chakras.  It also brings a calming effect to one’s well-being.  It clears and pacifies you in preparation for meditation.  Wear Green Kyanite when you are in the company of others of whom you are unsure.  It helps you to look within the heart of that person to see their true motives behind any statement or action.