GARNET Tumbled Stone

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GARNET (The Stone of Passion and Devotion) is the stone of a successful career and business. It cures depression, increases popularity and boosts self-esteem when worn. It also protects one during travel. Garnets bring constancy to friendships. This stone gives security and spiritual awareness. As a love stone, it also increases passion and brings back one's beauty and allure after recovering from heartache. Giving Garnet to someone is a promise to see each other again even in the several lifetimes ahead.

Almandine Garnet is known for aiding relationships and promoting intimacy. It is also an excellent stone to use for prosperity and to instill a sense of confidence in oneself. The metaphysical properties of an Almandine Garnet are strong, passionate, sensual love and sexuality. This stone encourages both partners to face their fears about acceptance of their respective genders. Treating an Almandine garnet relieves sexual inhibition and increases creative energy, though it requires patience if one wants this effect.

One of the metaphysical properties of almandine garnet is that it promotes a sense of service and a willingness to help. It also draws challenges into constructive focus for problem solving and brings emotional support from family and friends. It is often used as a stone of courage, balance, honoring deep personal relationships, balance within the environment.

In most forms, garnets are vibrant stones with an earthy vibe - they promote stability, strength and deep personal relationships. In my opinion every collection should have at least one good garnet so they can provide you balance in all areas of your life. They're the perfect peace-maker stone because they help you find balance when things go haywire.