Double Dorje Silver Pendant (Handmade with High Quality Silver)

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1.00 Grams
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Made individually by artisans. No two pieces are exactly alike. The imperfections do not diminish the metaphysical properties, and this makes each piece unique.
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Product Overview

This is the perfect statement piece if you are looking for a meaningful way to ward off bad curses or bring in good karma.

This Double Dorje Pendant is lovingly handmade from high-quality silver and defends one against misfortune and grants us protection from harm, helping to lead us towards radiant health and prosperity.

The Double Dorje brings strength to your upper chakras, helping you attract positive energy. It also links together the energies of both Heaven and Earth. This symbolizes the balance between the material world and the spiritual realm, encouraging purification of one's thoughts through clarity. If you are looking for a powerful symbol that promotes good luck, stimulating our senses with fresh beginnings then this is your perfect choice!

The Double Dorje is a symbol that represents the two truths doctrine by joining together two identical vajras. It is the symbol of an indestructible vajra that cannot be destroyed by the four elements (earth, water, fire, and air). It also signifies the power of the masculine and feminine energies that are present in everyone.

The Double Dorje teaches us that we can use the Buddha Jewel (indestructible) inside of us to conquer our egos and the elements all around us. A reminder that we are not separate from one another or from nature; we were born with it all within us.

This jewelry piece delivers protection from harm, helps us achieve radiant health and prosperity. No matter if it's worn as a necklace or carried in a pocket or purse; its powers never diminish acting as an ever-present reminder to seek enlightenment in all actions.

Silver is the best healing metal.

Wear this as a reminder to walk with enlightenment in your heart, knowing that all beings matter.