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White Sage has been used for many centuries as a sacred, cleansing, and protective plant. Sacred Sage is mainly used for smudging and for releasing negative energies that linger in spaces and in things. It is also used in ceremonies that seek blessings, attract abundance, promote good health, and give protection.  Sage helps people to boost the good energies of any space and can also make us feel clearer.  It reboots the metaphysical energy of gemstones and sacred accessories. Sage also ignites mental acuity and can restore our intuitive balance and center.
For millennia, people have used the fragrant smoke to symbolize purification. It is believed that by simply blowing out a candle after saying a prayer or lighting sage, palo santo, or incense, you are releasing negativity into the universe.These smudge sticks and incense create a field of positive vibrations throughout your house or room. Sage and incense are ancient traditions believed to banish all forms of negativity. You can use them to cleanse your house or room before moving in, after moving out, to reduce the impact of a breakup, or to otherwise clear away negative energies. People can also use them for other kinds of cleansing rituals.