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CACOXENITE (The Stone of Emotional Stability and Higher Consciousness) within a crystal is highly sustaining in times of emotional turmoil and upheaval.  It builds a peaceful space from which the healing can begin.  It is helpful when one feels the need to overcome fear and separate from the causes of problems. Cacoxenite releases emotional relationship bonds that are no longer beneficial.  On the other hand, it strengthens the bonds with other people who are more closely aligned to one’s purpose in life.  Cacoxenite is a mineral that brings out the best in one’s life. It opens one’s consciousness to positivity and other beneficial and constructive forces in many aspects of life.  It leads one to use discretion, with emphasis on wisdom and discernment. Cacoxenite is a holistic healer.  It treats the whole body by harmonizing the connection between each important part of the body, mind and emotions.