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Upgrades and improvements in some sections.
2023 THEME:
Manifestation and fulfillment of wishes.
Original Design & Artwork by The Mala Tree. © 2021 The Mala Tree. All rights reserved.⁣
Because of the symbols featured in the design, just bringing this planner with you shields you from many bad things.
The "Fruit of Life" Sacred Geometry Symbol that you can also use as a crystal grid.
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Product Overview


The luckiest functional planner in the world is here. The Abundance Planner 2023 is designed to help you manifest your dreams & fulfill your wishes. It is packed with powerful manifesting techniques that blend well with Feng Shui, meditation & crystal healing. 

Our chosen theme for 2023 is MANIFESTATION. The world is opening up again after a long period of uncertainty. We are emerging from our homes, blinking in the sunlight & feeling the first stirring of hope in our hearts. 2023 is the year that we make our dreams a reality. We are determined & focused & we will not be deterred from our goals. This is the year that we will make things happen. This is why we're here to once again offer our best-selling ABUNDANCE PLANNER 2023 Edition for you.

It is very simple to use & contains the essentials: 

  • the wish-granting tree cover design bears auspicious symbols & just bringing the planner with you improves your luck
  • the back cover design is the Fruit of Life sacred geometry of manifestation that doesn't only multiply the auspiciousness, you can also use it as a crystal grid guide, too.
  • favorable and unfavorable activities, daily luck boosters, unlucky directions, lucky hours, conflict signs
  • 52 manifestation tips
  • abundance, crystal healing, meditation, productivity, manifestation & Feng Shui articles
  • 2023 goal-setting page for the 8 Areas of Life 
  1. Personal
  2. Fun, Travel & Recreation
  3. Professional & Learning
  4. Love, Family & Relationships
  5. Health & Wellness
  6. Spiritual & Personal Growth
  7. Financial
  8. Physical Environment
  • essential planning: yearly index/tracker, quarterly plans, monthly view, mid-year assessment, weekly spread, daily vertical entries (checklist-friendly). 2024 brain dump, "someday" brain dump. 365 days check-off, blank important dates and holidays (depending on your preference, country of residence, and religion), 
  • essential mindful goal-setting: abundance check-in, lifetime bucket list, 2023 bucket list, word of the year, roles in 2023, manifestation statement, 2023 reflections. monthly gratitude and notes, lunar new year dates
  • fun lists: 23 most favorite people in 2023, 100 ________ list, blank list of favorites, etc.
  • exclusive discount codes every month

Each new year signals a fresh start & an opportunity to allow yourself to be better. In 2023, you have the power to take control of your life & manifest your dreams into reality. The Abundance Planner is here to help you. Trust us. You wouldn't want to miss this. Secure a copy today.

From January to December 2023, it will be your go-to resource for planning out your dreams and goals. May success and prosperity follow you to wherever you go and in whatever you do as you fill out the entries in The Mala Trees Abundance Planner 2023!