RAINBOW MOONSTONE Adjustable Silver Ring 2

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RAINBOW MOONSTONE (The Stone of the Divine Feminine)  is a stone that encourages feelings and desires, energizes expectations with fervent resolve. It contains deep-seated nature within its energy to balance yin-yang energies for males or females who want more balance in their lives.  It brings out the divine feminine in you, encouraging feelings of joyfulness as well as heartfelt resolve for your desires to come true! The energy also balances yin-yang qualities within yourself after being worn or held by those who want more balance between male/female energies.

Healing, intuition increases, emotional balance, anxiety relief. It's also very soothing for the heart and circulatory system. Rainbow Moonstone is said to draw off negative vibrations and stressors. It has a balancing effect on all chakras - acting like an antenna that transmits beauty into your life! You can use it while meditating or while drawing alternative healing layouts on paper. Its soft iridescence will fill you with love and joy!

It rejuvenates lost strength, hope, and joy. Used as a tool of manifestation for positive outcomes in life (personal or global), it can also protect from negative energies such as manipulation, deceit, and abusive relationships.

Rainbow Moonstone is an incredibly potent stone for people who are struggling with deep-seated emotional issues, including grief. It can help you to better understand your feelings and heal them more quickly than without it. Working with this stone will also help you release any anger, fear, or resentment that is causing an imbalance in your life. With the ability to penetrate illusions the Rainbow Moonstone is an excellent crystal for understanding subtle energies where one doesn't discern between reality and illusion--essentially clearing out all past karma of false hopes and dreams.