TIGER in 2022

TIGER in 2022



Rating:           Wood Tiger – 4/5

                        Fire Tiger - 3/5

                        Earth Tiger – 3/5

                        Metal Tiger – 3/5

                        Water Tiger – 4/5


TIGER (1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010)

Your social calendar will be busy this year and you will find yourself in good spirits most of the time. New friends and business associates will open doors for you, so take time to expand your social circle this year. Your charisma is off the charts and admirers will try to win you with their attention. This is good news for single Tigers, but those who are in relationships must be wary as temptation is also high, given your popularity. We advise that you enjoy this period but be careful and do not commit easily as there is no guarantee that the relationship you establish now will last long.


In the workplace, you will be rewarded with success and your superiors will see your worth in the organization. If you have been contemplating on switching careers or have been eyeing a different company, you may do so this year as the prospect of improving your career is high. When asked for ideas, share them with your team and you will be rewarded well. When an opportunity presents itself to you and you feel good about it, grab it as this may not happen again.


Wealth could be made this year and you can take out investments to double your chances of building your nest. Extra cash will always come even when you don’t think you need it. However, this money must not be spent excessively as it should be used to settle debts you have accrued in the past years so you can enjoy financial freedom this year and beyond.


2022 should be your year to lay the groundwork for your future. Couples who want to conceive would do well this year. Lady Tigers will enjoy good health and conception should not be an issue. Those who plan to move into their new homes or start renovation work can do so without a glitch. Start planning now and the opportunities will come flooding in.


Maintain a health and fitness regimen this year and always stay active. You will do well with group activities and sports. Tigers have always needed external support for them to be motivated. You will have a great year ahead.

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