Rating:           Wood Sheep - 3/5

                        Fire Sheep - 3/5

                        Earth Sheep – 4/5

                        Metal Sheep – 4/5

                        Water Sheep – 3/5


SHEEP (1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015)

The Year of the Tiger heralds positive change for the Sheep this 2022. The dreams and plans you have set in place in the previous years will see fruition and you will enjoy a period of peace, stability, and luck.


Work on your weaknesses and learn new skills so you can achieve more. Take every opportunity that comes your way and do not say no to things that make you happy. This is not the year to overthink things. Trust your gut and follow your desire, sitting on your luck will not take you to greater heights.


Your relationships will have a period of peace and harmony as love luck is high and you will be able to resolve issues without glitches. Be mindful of your words and be more diplomatic when you want to address certain issues with your partner. Those who are single will find it easier to meet new people and they are advised to take time to know other people well and have a grand time. An extra tip: the one you have been looking for may just be around the corner and have been your constant companion for years now. Do not look too far, the right one may be right beside you.


Wealth-wise, you are better off investing your money than letting your hard-earned cash sit in the bank. Using your money wisely will bring you financial success during this auspicious period. If you currently have financial setbacks, fix them before the Year of the Tiger enters so you can start anew and the rewards you will reap this year will be all yours to enjoy without worries.


Pay more attention to children and the elders at home. Your busy work schedule took a toll on your relationship with them and this is a good time to make up to them.


Health-wise, there are no major issues to address, however you need to take more care of your respiratory system. Regular walks and meditation will help keep major illnesses at bay.

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