Rating:           Wood Monkey – 4/5

                        Fire Monkey – 2/5

                        Earth Monkey – 4/5

                        Metal Monkey – 3/5

                        Water Monkey – 3/5



MONKEY (1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016)

The year will be challenging for the Monkey-born individual but their drive to live comfortably will keep them going despite some setbacks. Stay afloat and on top by surrounding yourself with positive energy and by knowing your priorities. Knowing what you want will not only allow you to prosper but also surpass the challenges 2022 will bring you.


In the love department, your relationship will remain steady and some hurdles will be resolved and you will be blessed with harmonious times with your partner. Small romantic gestures will bring partners closer and light moments will help you get through rough times this year.


There will be some obstacles in the workplace but keep your eyes on the price and make these issues your guide as you achieve greater standing in the office. Allow these challenges to motivate you further and do not let them derail you. Know what fuels your passion and nurture it and use it well so you can open more doors and let opportunities come your way. Keep going and you will be rewarded.


Financial success is average – you will find small gains but will not live a life that is devoid of comforts. Cash flow will be limited but you will come up with ways to boost your safety nest. Do not put all your eggs in one basket and invest only in projects you have knowledge of and see your profits grow towards the middle and latter parts of 2022. Remember to spend wisely and be sure to allot some savings for tougher times as 2022 will be a roller coaster year for you,


Your relationship with family members will be steady and there will be happier times with them. Pay attention to your dear ones and make sure that you spend quality time with them, extend support to them, and make sure they can comfortably communicate their thoughts with you.


There will be minor health issues this 2022 and they will put a dent in your productivity. As soon as symptoms occur, visit your doctor and live a healthier lifestyle. Do not take these minor illnesses for granted as they can lead to some major setbacks when left undiagnosed. Focus on your general wellbeing and remember to take small vacations to reset your mind and spirit and do things that you enjoy to relieve stress.

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